…put on your positive pants! 

So…things have been a little bit on the tricky side in the MammaKnows house. Moving house, starting work again, growing toddler…all things that have totally consumed me, challenged us all and led to the inevitable stresses and strains on our little unit. 

While all this was going on, I kept thinking ‘I should write about this, help me work this all out’, and ‘someone else could be going through this, it could help’…i.e. the whole point to me writing this blog! 

The thing is though, I didn’t want to.

I would sit down to write and be faced with waves of negativity or posts that made me feel 100% inadequate because I had to google what a ‘flatlay’ was or hadn’t been for my morning triathlon! Either way, I would feel even worse than when I started.

I started to look back through my blogs and saw that I only ever blog the difficult times. I guess that’s just the way it goes, people don’t feel the need to talk in the good times do they? But I realised that, just as I was finding, someone could be looking for support and finding my negativity.

So, I’ve decided to try hard to change my mentality. Through all this, I’ve learnt that mindset is the most powerful thing the life kit! Sometimes being a mum is hard. Being a wife is hard. Being a ‘insert job/minion title’ is hard. Life is hard. Adulting is hard. We know that, but it’s up to us how these hard times affect us…do they define us? 

I’m not saying that a bit of positive thinking of going to make my kid miraculously sleep like an angel or pop a stopper in these delightful tantrums. Nor am I saying that we are to blame for our problems and hard times. I just honestly believe that if we only ever focus on the negative, then that is all we will come to see. 

So, my challenge to you…

Stop and appreciate the small wins. 

Give yourself a break.

Put on those positive pants on!