…we needed to be ‘us’ again.

It’s 9am…

There’s no noise…

There’s no one wanting my attention…

I’m still in bed…

It’s bliss!!!

We finally did it…we let the Little Man sleep out…my God why didn’t we do it sooner?! 

Well, I know why. We weren’t ready to do it. To face up that he might cry for us and us not be there. That he would be confused and scared. 


After the 2 weeks we just had, we couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. We love him beyond measure but we needed some sleep! 

We also needed to be ‘us’ again. Pre-baby ‘us’. Selfish, lazy morning, brunch eating, going out for dinner and drinking to much wine ‘us’. I’ve felt guilty about wanting this. ‘You’re a mum now, do you not love him enough to sacrifice that?’ ‘Why do you want to be free of him?’ I’ve realised though, that it isn’t about that actually. It’s about that self-care again. 

                         It isn’t a dirty word! 

The same as everyone needs that ‘something’ to relax. To disappear and recharge. Wanting to NOT be a mum for a while, I now understand, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be their mum. 

So, we are going to go out for brunch. We will talk about anything or nothing. We will enjoy the peace together and relish in that time off. Then we will pick up our boy and we will have missed the very bones of him.  The chaos will reign again but we will be refreshed. We will be ready because we have taken the time to put ourselves first, so that we can be the mum and dad he deserves. 
(Image found at: http://selfcarezine.tumblr.com)

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