…distance means nothing

Distance means nothing

Today is National Best Friend day in the UK. I woke to a beautiful Instagram post from my little sister. I’d not even had my 1st brew of the day and I was already feeling super sentimental! We are lucky in that we’ve always been close and I can honestly say that she is my best friend. She drives me insane sometimes, is crazier than a box of frogs and wears far too many stripes for my liking but she is also fierce. What’s that quote, ‘she may be small but she is fierce’? That’s my little sister. The right kind fierce though. The kind that means she is loyal, determined, honest, will always have your back and loves with all she has. All things that, I hope, my Little Man will learn from her.

That’s what makes it so hard. Why a post like the one this morning just tips me over the emotional edge. Living, literally, on the other side of the world makes those posts and moments all the more meaningful. Sure, we Skype all the time. But nothing can compare to just nipping down the road for a brew or hanging out at Gordon Riggs, putting the world to rights over a creamy choc in a crappy plastic cup.

I miss my sister. (Before I get angry messages from the rest of you, I miss you all too) I miss her more though now because she’s getting married and I should be there for her. I should be making lists with her, helping her pick her flowers and holding her bags at a million wedding fairs. Being a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to the dramas that go hand in hand with weddings!

One day, they will invent air travel so fast that I can hop over on the weekend. I will  not have to wake up at 3.30am to Skype a wedding dress appointment but thank god that I can! Without the internet, I can’t imagine how had this would be!  Until then though, I will Skype, I will whatsapp every inane thought that comes into my head and I will become over emotional at every heart-felt Instagram/Pintrest/Facebook quote. I do this, like so many other people living away from their families, because really distance means nothing.

She is, and always will be, my baby sister and I love her.


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