…I’m done being an adult !

   I’m done. Being an adult sucks and I don’t                          want to do it anymore! 

When you are young, you can’t wait to grow up. Then you get there and all you want it to climb back under the covers in some sort of teenage regression! 

I want to lie in bed pretending I can’t hear the vac so I don’t have to help my mum (sorry mum). I want to leave my laundry all over the floor and have it miraculously reappear in my wardrobe, clean and ironed. I want to have food appear at my very mention of being hungry. I want to sleep until I wake up all of my own accord.

I love my husband and son more than anything but I swear, if I don’t get some time 100% on my own soon…I’m going to loose my mind. Everyone needs that time to switch off. To recharge. To be selfish. I honestly can’t remember the last time I 100% did that. No one to think about. No one to answer to. Nothing to plan or decide. 

How many of you have actually done this? We take on so many roles in life and the responsibility to ourselves gets pushed way down the list. We never say no to anything and we add to our plate until it looks like a Sunday at a Toby Carvery (oh how I miss this place…just can’t get a good roast in NZ. Another of my adulting problems)! 

       I can’t even be all…right today’s the day. Me                                   time here we go.

I have paperwork, planning, report writing, the Little Man, the husband, the house, the car….and a million and 1 other things that if I don’t do today will be twice as hard to do tomorrow. 

So I’m going to bitch and moan to you and then do nothing differently…today. 

But I will…soon! 


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