… I act ‘mumconsciously’!

the beautified clothing

Today I am declaring myself an uber-hip, Google worthy creative genius! I am claiming a whole new space in the dictionary for my newly minted word…


How did I stumble across this stroke of brilliance, you might ask? Well… as I wiped the biggest snail trail of snot from the Little Man’s nose with my bare hands, I looked down and wondered what had happened to my life…

I battened down my gag reflex and got to thinking about the train of events that happened to get me to that point. Excluding the obvious life changing moment, the descent that led me to standing there staring at the blob of snot resting in my palm, was slow and (clearly) unnoticed. The scariest thing though, the more I thought on it, I quickly realised that this wasn’t the only thing I’d ‘mumconsciously‘ done!

A flashback movie played in my mind of scooping poop out of the bath (whilst I was in it), sniffing my son’s bottom in public, wiping food of my son’s chin and licking of my own damn finger! It wasn’t all mind-blowingly gross stuff though. I also recalled things I’d done to keep my son safe and the 1000 things I do everyday to show him I love him, so that was reassuring.

So, there it is. My piece of stunning parenting, summed up in one word…



to do, without thinking, the million unspeakably disgusting, beautifully touching and remarkably sensible things that come hand in hand with the best job in the world.

Being a mum ❤

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