…we stand together 

My heart breaks as I watch and read the heart breaking news of yet another evil attack so close to my home town. Manchester is my home. I grew up in those places that are now being shown as scenes of horror.  
Family and friends have been sharing condolences and disbelief on social media and I feel like I want to add my voice. Not for ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ but to show defiance. To show solidarity with my home so far away. 

I may only be one person. How much difference can I make, can we all make? We are all only one person. But if we each stand up for each other. If we do not turn on each other. If we do not allow the acts of the few to destroy the lives of the many, they will not win.

I know the kind of world that my son will grow up in. It is frightening at times. It’s a world where people do the cruelest things to each other. A world that can be overwhelming.


It’s also a world where communities unite. Where stories of acts of kindness are seen in the aftermath of these terrifying events. Where diversity of race, religion and social background is not seen as something to be scared of, but is embraced and celebrated.

I hope he grows up in a world where we stand together.

That’s the most powerful thing we can do. 

(Image by the Wheatfield found on Etsy)

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