…toddlers push you to your limits, then they pick a favourite over you! 

So…clearly my toddler has chosen a favourite parent and, news flash, it isn’t me! 

Everything I try to do for him, 9 times out of 10, is a battle. The Husband tries and no problems. I’m having a bad day with him, the Husband comes home and the Little Man acts like he’s been sweetness and light all day! 

Is it that he’s chosen a favourite? Am I doing something wrong? He is just a better parent than me? Do other parents have this same thing going on? 

Maybe he’s just calmer than me? I must admit, between sleep deprivation, separation anxiety (more mine than his with me going back to work) and feeling inferior, my patience is running low and my frustration levels are stratospheric! I’m being mentally and emotional pushed to my limits. I hate being pushed! 

I just can’t seem to get it right for him at the minute. I’m probably over reacting due to aforementioned craze-inducing situation but I feel like I’m not needed. Almost like I’m in the way. 

So…rather than deal with it like a grown up and talk it over and let my Husband tell me ‘of course we need you’ and ‘why don’t you go take a bath and relax, here’s a delicious glass of wine’, I’m sulking in the bathroom! 

Very mature! 

Actually, the glass of wine does sound good…

Maybe I’ll go sulk in the kitchen! 

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