…that 1st year flies by!

birthday-cake-candlesI am now the proud owner of a one year old!

In homage to the night of his extremely hurried entrance into the world, he’s had me awake since 12am. In fairness, the poor guy has tonsillitis and who am I to argue if he wants mummy snuggles 🙂

Sleep is absolutely not an option, as he rams his finger up my nose, yanks my hair and flails in all directions all whilst being finally (albeit noisily) asleep! Whilst he snores away like an old man, I’ve been thinking about all the things I have learnt over this last amazing year.

  1. Having a child hurts! Not just the labour (massive design fail there!) but his damn teeth! No-one ever sits and daydreams about the time your precious bundle will take a chunk out of your boobs/arms/neck/wildly painful and never before considered armpit arch, but oh boy do they!! And the finger nails! Those tiny fingers I once lovingly stroked are now home to tiny razor blades!
  2.  All things pass. The zombie feeling, the night feeds, the leaky boobs, the sleepless nights, the terror of dropping/breaking/forgetting baby will all end.   BUT… so will the long, cosy, sleepy snuggles, the secret bond when only you can feed him, the beautiful bubble of the those early days and weeks will all end too. I’ve learnt to lavish in each precious moment and realised how strong I can be in the not so precious ones!
  3. It takes time to become a family. Yes we loved our new addition with all our heart but bonding takes time. You go through excruciating pain, with your partner helpless and are then passed a tiny, gunky human who is totally dependent on you! We had to learn to be patient, reassuring and let each find our own ways of doing things.
  4. Being a mum can be boring! Under the baby sick, today’s lunch and other suspicious stains, I’m still me! I know  now it’s OK to admit that once things become more ‘normal’, daily life can feel a bit monotonous! I used to feel guilty for wanting to take off the ‘mum hat’ for a little while but now I know I’m a better mum because I do.
  5. I learnt to do my your own thing! Sod the books, sods the advice from the ‘they’! This took a LOT of time to realise with my long suffering, amazingly supportive husband waiting patiently until I realized I was being an idiot!
  6. My house will never look the same again! We are slowly drowning in plastic crap and I haven’t seen the floor since last Tuesday (because, let’s face it, those ideals of only buying educational, wooden toys is long gone)
  7. Tantrums start early! I thought I had more time! The evil stare of my child whilst he has a melt down because I won’t let him eat the shit he found in the trolley is hilarious but, at the same time, terrifying!

So, as I blitz through more of Netflix’s generous offerings, I think about the next year and what might be steaming our way.

Hopefully a lot more of the same!

It’s been the best year yet ❤