…this too shall pass


‘it will go by in a flash’, ‘blink and you’ll miss it’, ‘treasure each moment’.

People love to tell you these things from the minute you announce your impending arrival! While I certainly haven’t ‘treasured’ every moment (I challenge anyone to ‘treasure’ the moment the umbilical cord comes off), I’ve tried to remember…

this too shall pass…

This helped get me through the agony of labour, through the sleepless nights, through the feeling of helplessness. More than ‘getting me through’ though, it helped me maintain perspective. It’s helped me to be grateful for the good and not stress over the not so good. The not so good won’t last forever. Although it feels crappy at the time, it will come to an end.

Equally though, the good times will pass too. It is easy to rush headlong into the next thing and wish for the time when…Today my baby has climbed the stairs, fallen off the bed, crawled into my sewing box and tried to climb out of his cot!  My god, how I wish I’d appreciated those weeks when my tiny baby stayed where I left him!

It is cliched but true…he won’t hold my hand forever, he won’t snuggle into me at night, he won’t need me when he’s sad, I won’t be the 1st person he calls. This is right, this is how it should be but that doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with.

But, if I keep perspective and remember that this too shall pass, hopefully I won’t let the good times pass me by .