…yoga saves my soul!


I started yoga because I wanted to keep active during my pregnancy. It had always been something I had dabbled in but I’d found an excuse after excuse not to join a class. So at 10 weeks pregnant, off I went to my local session. I found a stillness of mind I had never had before and haven’t looked back since.

Everyone has that ‘thing’ they have to do…make the bed, wash their hair every day, go for a run, have a full nights sleep. On the days I can’t/don’t do some yoga, life can quickly turn to s!*t. I have little patience, I loose perspective, I completely lack motivation to do anything!

Being a mum is a never ending job and some days it completely loses all novelty! On the many many good days, yoga just gives me a space to be thankful. To reflect on all I have and appreciate it. On the not so good days, it gives me permission to totally switch off and shut down, to restart myself.

So yeah, yoga saves my soul.

Well, maybe not my soul but certainly my sanity!

(If you are interested in starting yoga and are on the North Shore, definitely check this out: https://www.facebook.com/BeachHavenCommunityYoga)