…it’s all a bit surreal!

So…I’m sitting here watching my little boy (MY little boy!) bouncing around and it still all feels a bit surreal! I look at him and think all the usual things: where has the time gone; how much has he changed;no way is he doing that already. Still, though, I have moments where I can’t believe he’s really mine; like I’m just babysitting!

I was told that being pregnant gives you time to physically and mentally prepare to have a baby. Where did that load of nonsense come from! Ok, physically maybe and I can certainly deal with all manner of things now that would have turned my stomach before being pregnant; but mentally…not a chance!

When he was first born, I was consciously dealing with so many new experiences all the time.  Our daily cycle used to be logged religiously for fear I’d forget to feed him or notice how many nappies I’d changed! Now the every day things come without thinking about them. Now I actually have time to stop and think.

But still…when does this all start to feel real?

Does it ever? Am I going to be watching my toddler/my teenager/my grown up baby feeling like it’s a bit of a dream? I wonder if it’s this way with your first because it’s all so new?

I guess only time will tell!


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