…changes are coming!

A big change is coming to our house…the boy is wanting ‘real’ food!

Of all things that I thought would bother me, this was not one of them. Turns out I was wrong! For some reason the idea has had me in tears; wishing I hadn’t taken for granted all those times when only I could give him what he needed. It seemed to me to be the first step he will take away from me.

After keeping this bottled up, I finally talked things over with my mum. Tears shed and ramble listened to, she offered what is known in our house as ‘what the wise woman would think’. She would think, ‘Yes, my baby is growing up and something new is happening; but this is good, this is exciting and it means I am doing my job right’!

Ok so yes, my baby boy is no longer the tiny bundle who relies on me for everything. He is growing and changing; amazing us every day. He is becoming more independent and there will be bigger changes and challenges ahead (one day he might even want to emigrate and I won’t have a leg to stand on). How he deals with these changes, big or small, will be a reflection of how we have raised him.

So, onto solids we will go and I will try to remember what the ‘Wise Woman’ would do!

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