…what works today, may not work tomorrow! 

So, new lesson for today…do not get attached to a situation! 

My bubba  has now decided that our lovely, calm bedtime routine will not be followed by actual sleep! This routine has worked beautifully for weeks now and we are normally treated to a full nights sleep. Apparently,  no more!

I took this to heart tonight and my poor husband was caught in the crossfire of my frustration. Frustration with the experience, with the baby, with myself for being upset with the baby, with him for playing video games while I was taking care of them both. Crappy evening!  

In a recent post I advocated giving yourself a break, step back. I did not take my own advice (surprise,  surprise). Why was I trying so hard to keep going when it was clear the situation was not going to get better that way? I had become too attached to my ‘routine’ (a banned word in our house). 

Tomorrow we will do the same as we always do; but if it doesn’t work, a different path we will take. No guilt, no recriminations…just another night with a baby who likes to keep us on our toes 😉 

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