…it can be hard to trust yourself

It’s dark out. You hear your baby cry and squirm in their sleep. As you sit feeding your baby for what may be the 1st, 4th or 5th time that night, the little voice in your head starts to wake up.

What’s the plan today? I must remember to do…! I wonder if…? 

Am I doing the right thing?

Parenthood is full of choices and advice (wanted or not). I hear a lot of surprised comments when I say we have chosen to maintain an ‘on-demand’ style with our baby. ‘Oh babies need a strict routine’, ‘how does he know what’s going on’, ‘he will be very fussy as he grows up’ are just some of the useful things I am repeatedly told!

Don’t get me wrong, 99% of the time, I am completely comfortable with my choices. My baby is happy and healthy, what more can I ask? Still though, the last question constantly goes round and round my head in those quiet moments in the dark!

Why do we doubt, ignore or question or instinct as parents?

Has society conditioned us to think we NEED books/internet/professionals to tell us what to do? For some these things help but for others it confuses. For me, they made me spiral into fogs where I doubted everything I was doing and felt like a terrible mum.

Instinct is at the core of everything,  which books you turn to, the advice you take, the choices you stick with. But there will always be those quiet moments where the little voice rises up but remember your instinct as a parent is your most important tool, don’t drown it out or dismiss it.

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