…the Internet can be your best friend and worst enemy!

Some people find the Internet a comfort and useful resource, not I!

My husband has banned me from searching baby related questions on the Internet! Each time I have done so, has resulted in health scares and spirals of anxiety over my skill as a mother.

My bubs has been sticking his tongue out a fair bit recently. In a moment of curiosity and weakness, I reached for my phone during another trapped-on-the-sofa-feeding situation and in seconds had become convinced he was suffering a rare congenital disorder!

It didn’t matter to me that when I opened the page concerned,  it turned out to be click bait. The thought was already worming its way in! No matter how many other articles I read explaining how this is just developmental, or how many cute stories shared by other parents, I couldn’t shake off the worry.

Life as a new parent can be so overwhelming and the internet is great for many things but, in my experience, searching for advice and answers can do more harm than good. What I have learned so far is to choose 1 or 2 people you seek advice from; people you trust and can call on for anything, day or night. They don’t even have to be parents themselves, just someone with a rational head can work wonders in those panicky moments.

I certainly won’t be looking for answers online again anytime soon!

Welcome to Mammaknows…

As a new mum I have thoughts, worries and questions that carousel round my mind which my husband (strangely enough) doesn’t appreciate me waking him with at 2am. ..hence THE BLOG.

A haven for my thoughts and, hopefully, yours too! No judgement or criticism and an understanding that everyone’s situation and choices are personal and unique.

So, if you too are awake in the small hours,

welcome to Mammaknows…we are not alone ❤